An EXPERIENCED Financial Professional for County Treasurer


Past Experience


A U.S. Marine who served overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Rob returned home to earn a bachelor’s degree at the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University. Rob is a licensed financial advisor and founder of Toyer Wealth Management LLC, a comprehensive financial services firm specializing in retirement planning and tax preparation. He works with individuals and small business owners across the country, helping them with cash flow management, investments, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.

Rob is serving his second term on the Marysville City Council, where he serves on the finance committee and is the Chairman of the Marysville Fire District.


A Plan for the future


Given his background and expertise, Rob's  focus as a councilman has been budgets and fiscally responsible policy decisions that recognize the impact of taxes on families and businesses, while ensuring the city and fire district can provide excellent services citizens expect.

As treasurer, Rob is committed to promoting government transparency, managing the public’s funds responsibly and prudently investing public funds to reduce tax burdens on families and businesses. His combination of private-sector experience and leadership skills make him uniquely qualified to serve as the next Snohomish County Treasurer.


In Rob's own words

 "I want to know that Snohomish County will be financially ready to handle the challenges that my daughter's generation will face. As Treasurer, I will keep her  and the next generation in mind as I seek the most responsible decisions on behalf of the taxpayer" 


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